How to deal with Abdominal Pain

How to deal with Abdominal Pain


By Dr G.P. Dureja Pain Management

Abdominal pain is experienced by just about everybody during one’s lifespan. Pain in your abdominal region can be caused by a number of reasons such as gastrointestinal disorders and so on. A number of causes of abdominal pain are quite minor and can be treated easily with or without any sort of medical attention. Nevertheless, some of the factors can have serious underlying conditions which may need immediate medical attention.

Causes -

1. The primary causes of experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort in the abdominal region include constipation, indigestion, allergies to certain kind of foods, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps in a woman’s case or certain infections in the gastrointestinal region or any sort of urinary tract infection.
2. You can also experience abdominal pain due to stones in your gall bladder or kidneys.
3. Appendicitis is another primary cause of experiencing abdominal pain.

Symptoms -

You need to watch out for symptoms which are accompanied along with abdominal pain. These symptoms tend to point towards a more serious condition and need immediate medical attention. Some of those symptoms include:

1. Fever with persistent abdominal pain.
2. Dehydration, painful urination, and tenderness in the abdominal region are additional symptoms which can be observed along with pain.
3. Sometimes blood vomiting or dark feces can also happen and they point towards more serious conditions which need immediate medical assistance.

Treatment -

The treatment process of chronic abdominal pain generally depends on the actual cause of the pain -

1. If the pain is caused by minor gastrointestinal reasons such as acid reflux or similar kinds of conditions, simple medications can be enough to stop the pain.
2. While in conditions such as appendicitis or hernia problems , you might have to undergo a minor surgical procedure to get rid of the pain.
3. Changes in personal lifestyle like avoiding spicy or unhygienic foods can also do the trick.