First time having sex: What to expect

First time having sex: What to expect


By Dr Pradeep Aggarwal , Sexology

Making love has centuries of dramatic stories and myths surrounding it. The consequence is that you go into the act of having an intercourse for the first time with unreasonable expectations. This leads to quite a few physical and emotional complications.

Here are the answers to some questions that might be on your mind and a few things which you can reasonably expect from your first sexual encounter.

  1. Will it be painful?

There is a common belief that penetration is painful for the woman. Doctors state that there might only a very brief pinching pain. The tearing of the hymen causes no overwhelming pain. It will bleed only a bit during and after the tearing of the hymen. In several cases, the hymen might already have torn due to exhaustive physical activities like swimming, dancing, cycling etc. The pain is felt during penetration because your anxiety puts a check on the lubrication that makes the act comfortable.

  1. Is foreplay needed?

Foreplay goes a really long way in lubricating yourself enough to make the act of sex comfortable. Kissing, touching and rubbing are all beneficial for your first time because it can calm your nerves and provide relief from the anxiety which can impair or make your first time uncomfortable or to the worst, painful.

  1. Will Orgasm be Achieved?

A host of films and literature has cultivated the image of the first time being a deeply satisfying experience, both physically and emotionally.This is not entirely true. It is uncommon to experience an orgasm for women during the first sexual intercourse because of the simple lack of experience. Feeling comfortable with the act should be the expectation and an orgasm, if achieved, becomes an added bonus.