All About Callused Hands

All About Callused Hands

Priyanka Pal Mantri

By Dr Priyanka Pal MantriDermatology

Calluses are the result of dry skin, or continuous friction on one particular area of the hands or feet. Calluses can result in great discomfort and can get quite annoying at times. Calluses are generally quite large and have a slight yellowish tinge to them.


Certain environmental factors can result in callused hands. They are-

1.        Dry Air: The air and weather, especially during the winter months tends to become very dry, in turn leading to skin dryness.
2.        Water: Constant hand washing or immersion in water can lead to loss of moisture, and thus dry skin.
3.        Chemicals: People dealing with chemicals daily or using chemical based household cleaning agents can cause skin dryness.
4.        Soap: Commercial soaps and cleansers tend to make the skin dry and slow down healing process.

Certain other factors like allergies and medical conditions of the skin and also cause Calluses.

Deal With Calluses-

Here are a few ways through which you can deal with calluses-

1.        Soak hands in warm water: An easy way to relieve the discomfort and soften the skin is to immerse your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes daily. In case your calluses are very severe, add approximately 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to the warm water (avoid apple cider vinegar if you suffer from diabetes or have bad circulation).
2.        Scrub your calluses with pumice stone: Gently scrub your calluses for about 5 minutes with a pumice stone. Continue this for about a month and ensure that you clean the stone after every use. In case you feel a sensation of pain while or after using the stone, do not continue to use it.
3.        Apply aspirin paste on you calluses: The application of crushed aspirin mixed with lime juice and water will help soften your calluses. Once applied wrap your hand with a warm towel and leave it on for 10 min. Once the area is dry scrape it off with the help of a pumice stone.