Preconception Diet in Women

Preconception Diet in Women

Lokendra Tomar2

By Dt Lokendra TomarDietitian/Nutritionist

Before welcoming a new life into the world, you would like to make sure that your baby arrives all healthy and fit. Here are some of the items, adding which to your diet, will help you deliver a healthy baby.

1. Go Green:

Veggies like Spinach, Swiss Chard and Kale are rich sources of folate, which is a key Vitamin B source. Taking a lot of greens help prevent defects of the neural tube, including spina bifida, during the initial stages of foetal development. If you find it boring to have salad every day, you may add taste to your boring greens in a variety of ways. Prepare crunchy Kale crisps by roasting pieces of Kale along with olive oil and kosher salt in it. Toss baby spinach in a pan of brown rice or whole wheat pasta.

2. Have a Lot of Milk:

Milk, being a rich source of calcium, is crucial in the development of skeletal structure of the fetus. Since it takes a while to increase the calcium levels in the body, you must take a lot of milk and milk products on a regular basis. You may also opt for a number of non-dairy products which are rich in calcium. Foods rich in minerals include fish with bones, broccoli, tofu, kale, legumes and fortified foods.

3. Say ‘NO’ to Alcohol:

Alcohol is a strict no-no during and after your conception. The initial stages of pregnancy are very crucial for the development of your baby’s nervous system. It is strictly advised to abstain from alcohol when you are trying to conceive.

4. Reach for Berries:

Berries are treats to your taste buds. Add a lot of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to your diet, as they are rich sources of Vitamin C, which is required for collagen formation.