Exercises to improve your sex life

Exercises to improve your sex life

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By Dr Vijay Abbot Sexology

The benefits of exercises are innumerable. Adequate exercises, if performed regularly are known to lead to increased energy, toned muscles, burned calories and improved moods. Other benefits apart, exercises can dramatically improve your sex life. Strength and stamina besides, exercises improve the circulation of blood in your body which can lead to firm and enduring erections. The following are three exercises which you must incorporate in your workout regime for better performance in the bedroom:

1) Weight Lifting:

Lifting weights is a type of strength training and it just might be the perfect remedy to a cold sex life. Weight lifting leads to an increased production of testosterone; a hormone which is quintessential to a man’s sex drive. Push-ups, sit-ups and crunches are some of the effective exercises under this.

2) Kegel Exercises:

Kegels are one of the quintessential sex exercises for men. This exercise strengthens the core muscles of the pelvic region and helps sustain erection for a longer duration. Periodical contraction and relaxation of the core pelvic muscles help to delay ejaculation and maintain stronger erections.

3) Swimming:

Sexual activity requires stamina and endurance. Long distance swimming helps you to develop that much needed endurance which may drastically impact your sex life for the better. A study conducted in Harvard took into account 160 male and female swimmers. The swimmers who were in their 60’s revealed that their sex lives were comparable to people in their 40’s.