Causes and Symptoms of Canker Cores

Causes and Symptoms of Canker Cores

Causes and symptoms of canker sores

By Dr Sandesh Gupta , Dermatology

Appearing as small and shallow ulcers in the mouth, Canker Sores are generally of two types and can cause a number of problems while eating or talking.

  • Simple Canker Sores – last for a week and may appear three to four times a year
  • Complex Canker Sores – less common, this occurs more often in people who have previously had it

Canker sores are often confused with cold sores but they are not at all the same. Unlike canker sores, cold sores are groups of pus-filled, painful blisters, caused by a virus and are extremely contagious. Moreover, unlike canker sores which develop inside your mouth, cold sores usually appear outside your mouth – around the lips, under the nose, or under the chin.


Signs and Symptoms of Canker Sores include:

1. Painful sores appearing on the tongue, the soft palate or inside your cheeks

2. Tingling or burning sensation

3. Sores which are round, white or grey with a red border

In more severe cases, you may also experience:

1. Physical sluggishness

2. Fever

3. Swollen lymph nodes


Although the precise cause is unknown, here are a few possible causes:

1. Stress

2. Tissue injuries

3. Certain foods like acidic or citric vegetables and fruits

4. A sharp surface of the tooth

5. Dental appliances like dentures or braces

6. Impaired immune system

7. Nutritional deficiencies, such as iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, zinc deficiency or folic acid deficiency

8. Gastro intestinal tract problems and conditions, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease