All About Female Masturbation

All About Female Masturbation

All about Female Masturbation

By Dr Pradeep Aggarwal , Sexology

It’s a wonderful thing as it can get you to experience pleasure on your own without having the pressures of being with a partner. Masturbation is also a much more relaxed sexual experience as you can take as much time you want to either come to climax or pleasure yourself. Let’s look at some facts and techniques about female masturbation:

1. Accepting it as a normal thing- Many women are taught from a young age, especially within their peer groups that female masturbation is not normal. You need to be able to let go of the stigma and realize that it is one of the most normal things you can do.

2. Try exploring your body before you get down to work- Even before you get down to doing the act it is a good idea to understand your body well and discover what works and understand your pleasure points.

3. Practice and explore before trying to orgasm- Don’t pressure yourself with trying to orgasm initially. All you need to do is explore, figure out what really pleasures you and then practice to get it right.

4. Try slowly once you are comfortable to get to orgasm- Once you are comfortable with pleasuring yourself, slowly try various methods to bring yourself to climaxing or orgasm. Try various methods and ways, whatever you feel comfortable with.

5. Try various methods- There are a variety of methods or a combination of that you can try to come to climax depending on what suits you. Some of them are:-

  • Trying single or multiple number of fingers over the clitoris.
  • Rubbing up against fabric or clothes which result in indirect stimulation.
  • Trying different positions while masturbating, such as lying on your stomach, back standing up or sitting.
  • Using toys to get to climax such as vibrators or dildos.
  • Holding your breath and engaging various muscles by tightening or relaxing them.