Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Coffee

Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Coffee

Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Coffee

By Dt Vishal Dev Dietitian/Nutritionist

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet and many people need a cupful to start their day. The debate for the benefits and the health risks of coffee has been raging for quite some time. Let’s take a look at some of the known advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee-

As long as the coffee consumption is moderate, it tends to have positive effects. Some of them are:

1. May reduce the chances of Parkinson’s disease – Lifelong consumption of coffee in moderate amounts has shown to be effective in reducing the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease.

2. Curtails the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes – Moderate consumption of coffee has shown to lessen the chances of developing type two diabetes as it reduces the levels of C-peptide in your blood.

3. Betters Cognitive Functions – Coffee makes you more alert and thus improves cognitive functions or the cerebral functions and activities which are carried out daily by your brain.

Other benefits – Some studies across the world have also shown other benefits such as…

a. Coffee improves endurance

b. Hinders the development of colon cancer

c. Protects the skeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems

Potential Risks of Coffee-

Some of the potential risks of drinking coffee could be…

1. Harmful Acidity – Drinking coffee can cause high levels of acid in your blood which over time will cause you to lose calcium and thus may contribute to osteoporosis.

2. Pregnancy and Motherhood – Higher amounts of coffee drinking in pregnant mothers is known to cause birth defects, miscarriages and even low birth weights in babies.

3. Dehydration – Coffee is a diuretic, which means it limits the body’s capability to absorb water and thus may dehydrate you quickly.

4. High Blood Pressure Problems –Coffee does push up the blood pressure levels in your system temporarily, although it is not clear whether this may have long term effects or not.