Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Tonsillitis

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Tonsillitis

Symptoms, causes and treatment of tonsillitisBy Dr. Vijay Verma, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

There are two globs of tissue at the back of your throat which act as a filter for germs: they trap the germs and use antibodies to fight the infection. When these tissues become infected and inflamed, the condition is called Tonsillitis.


  1. The most common cause for tonsillitis are viral infections, such as:
    1. The influenza virus is one of the common pathogens that result in tonsillitis.
    2. Herpes simplex virus is a factor in causing tonsillitis.
    3. The Epstein-Barr virus is also an important cause of tonsillitis.
  2. Bacteria, like streptococcus can also cause tonsillitis


  1. Swelling of the Tonsils: The most common symptom of tonsillitis is the stifling feeling as a result of the tonsils swelling and sometimes even blocking the airways.
  2. Emergence of ulcers on the throat: This is an important symptom of tonsillitis and cause for concern as it may be symptom of infection spreading to other parts of the throat.
  3. Difficulty in breathing or swallowing: The swelling of the tonsils might also have a connection to a sudden swelling of the glands near the throat. The passageway for air might become constricted and can start threatening respiration itself.


  1. Antibiotics: If tests undergone by the patient conclude that the tonsillitis has been caused by bacterial infection, then antibiotics can be prescribed and in most cases, it proves to be a decent remedy.
  2. Home Remedies : You can go for home remedies also, like drinking very cold or warm fluids for ease of the throat. Gargling with salt water is also helpful.
  3. Tonsillectomy: A Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. It is the treatment in case of recurrent tonsillitis or when there is a breathing difficulty in children such as heavy snoring or sleep apnea.