All About Dental Implants

All About Dental Implants

All About Dental Implants

By Dr Aman Ahuja , Dentistry

A sizeable faction of the population suffers from a large variety of dental afflictions. In spite of substantive progress in the field of dental care, numerous people have to grapple with regular teeth complaints and the healing process is more often than not temporary in nature.

Some of the most common dental troubles are tooth and gum decay or injuries. For the less grave concerns like cavities and occasional bleeding, dental gels, tooth fillings and related medicines are readily available treatments. For cavities of more serious consequences, root canal surgeries and tooth extractions are popular recourses. However, one dental distress that remains difficult to tackle is the problem of a missing tooth or gaps between teeth. While bridges and dentures are the oft used tactics, a more lasting and permanent solution to this problem is dental implant.

Implants facilitates a permanent replacement of the missing tooth and are designed in a way to match your natural teeth. Implants replace the tooth roots and therefore ensure that the artificially inserted tooth does not wear away or fall out. Dental Implants usher a few obvious advantages…

1. Enhanced Appearance:

Since dental implants are made to fuse with the teeth bones, they feel just as natural as any other tooth. They also conveniently cover up any unwanted ridges, thus improving your appearance.

2. Improved Speech:

Dentures often inhibit the speech ability. As an alternative, implants provide a comfortable way to speak and reduce the problems of slurring and mumbling.

3. Comfortable Eating:

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants make eating completely hassle free. Since, they function as any other natural teeth; they enable one to eat without any pain or discomfort.

4. Improved Oral Health:

Implants do not affect the surrounding teeth, like the dentures. Therefore, the oral health can be tended to in a better way. It is also more durable and its upkeep is a lot more convenient.