9 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

9 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

9 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

By Dr Singh , Sexology

Here are some issues for you to ponder upon as to why women fake orgasms, at times:

1. To make her partner feel good: A woman can fake orgasms to satisfy her partner’s ego; giving him the impression that he is able to satisfy her.

2. Lack of Technique: Communication during sex plays a vital role to strengthen the relationship. Women might not feel comfortable discussing what they want and this could lead them to fake orgasms.

3. Pain can be an issue: If there is any pain or discomfort during the intercourse, either due to any medical problem or due to inadequate lubrication, she may fake an orgasm to end it quickly.

4. Not in a Mood: Sometimes, a woman may not be in the right mood for sex and thus, would like to just get over with it.

5. Taking a long time: Most women take a long time to climax. Thinking that their partner would get tired, they fake an orgasm to make them feel that they have done a great job.

6. Arousing: Fake orgasms by women have been found to be one of the top four boosters for sexual arousal for both oral and vaginal sex.

7. New Partner: A women, when with a new partner, is concerned with pleasing him. Thinking that her orgasm will give him tremendous sexual release, she might just fake it.

8. Not knowing how to Orgasm: This might be because they have never experienced an orgasm and are frustrated by this fact.

9. Old Relationship: In every relationship, at some point, you get comfortable and overly satisfied and thus, stop taking care of yourself. This could diminish a woman’s desire and she may fake an orgasm instead of hurting her partner’s feelings.