Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Gout

Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Gout

Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Gout

By Dr Prabha Acharya , Homeopathy

Gout is a form of arthritis that is characterized by symptoms of tenderness and swelling in the joints. The symptoms may occur at any time of the day resulting in pain and tenderness in the affected area. Women are vulnerable to this disorder after reaching menopause.

The symptoms of gout are:

1. Inflammation in the joints:

Inflammation in the joints leads to pain and redness. They may also become warm and tender.

2. Pain in the joints:

You may experience severe pain in the big toe which may also spread to knees and ankles.

3. Limited range of motion:

Your range of motion may be reduced due to inflammation in the joints

There are various remedies in homeopathy that may be used to treat symptoms of gout in the body. Homeopathy takes a more holistic approach to treating disorders as it treats the root cause of the disorder rather than just the symptoms.

The various homeopathic remedies to treat gout are:

1. Ledum pal:

This remedy is used to treat symptoms of gout when the pain tends to spread to the upper regions of the leg. The joints tend to become warm and may experience swelling.

2. Colchicum:

It is a very effective remedy to treat symptom of gout that is chronic in nature. The joints become stiff and the range of motion becomes limited.

3. Antim Crudum:

Antimcrudum is a remedy that is used when you have symptoms of indigestion along with gout. If the cause of gout is linked with obesity, then this remedy is beneficial.