How to Identify Signs of Sex Addiction

How to Identify Signs of Sex Addiction

How to Identify Signs of Sex Addiction

By Dr Pradeep Aggarwal , Sexology

It is an important, necessary and integral part of the life of a healthy individual. However for some people, sex can become an obsession to a level where it affects their daily lives, relationship with others as well as their day to day functioning. Sex addicts will not only put their own physical, emotional and mental well being at risk but will also put others into danger due to the addiction. Let’s look at some of the symptoms exhibited by sex addicts:

I. Preoccupation with Sex- This is a common trait as the person is fantasizing about sex or having sex throughout the day where it may interfere with their daily lives and their normal functioning.

II. Relationships with multiple partners very frequently- This is also a telltale sign as the sex addict changes sexual partners on almost a daily basis and may hook up with absolute strangers. This may put the person at an increased risk of STIs as well as grave disease such as AIDS.

III. Increased interest or overindulgence in pornography and electronic forms of sex- Sex addicts may be overindulging in pornography, phone sex, engaging in buying services from prostitutes or even exhibitionism about themselves or their sexual exploits.

  1. Indulging in criminal sexual activities- Sex addicts are often pushed to doing illegal activities such as sex with minors, stalking, rape or sexual assault and even incest to satisfy themselves. Even if they are reprimanded they tend to be repeat offenders.

V. Excessive masturbation- Some sex addicts may have their obsession manifest in the form of excessive masturbation which interferes with their daily lives and may cause harm to their professional lives and interpersonal skills.

VI. In some cases feeling guilty or remorseful after sex- Many sex addicts feel guilty or remorseful after having done the sex act, although they may be actively seeking to do them. This guilt will remain until they are pushed to seek out an experience in the next addiction cycle.