Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

By Dr Sundeep Khurana , Dentistry

Though pregnancy is an exhilarating phase in any woman’s life; it may bring with it many dental problems if proper care is not taken within the time frame. It’s quite obvious that you have so much to think during pregnancy that you may ignore your dental health. The increased level of hormones during pregnancy can give birth to many teeth related troubles, such as gum diseases. The risk of tooth decay may augment or the possibility of plaque (the harmful black colored layer on your teeth) formation may be enhanced. Researchers have also established that 18 out of every 100 premature births are caused due to dental diseases. So, it’s very essential to visit your dentist for regular checkups.


1. An intense desire to eat sweet foods:

Usually, women experience abnormal craving for food during pregnancy. Some may have a longing for sugary foods at regular intervals, which may lead to dental problems. Sometimes it’s hard to satisfy your desire with anything else than sugary snacks; in that case opt for something healthier like fruits.

2. Vomiting:

The ring of muscles inside the stomach gets softened during pregnancy. Your teeth may get coated with strong stomach acids due to the gastric reflux or the vomiting associated with morning sickness which may further lead to tooth decay.

3. Spew while brushing your teeth:

While brushing teeth, it is especially the molars that provoke spewing during pregnancy. You can avoid this by using a bush with a soft and small head designed for toddlers.


a) Bleeding from gums and swelling, especially while brushing.

b) Worsening of chronic gum infection, which may lead to tooth loss.

c) You are more likely to suffer from gum bleeding if you have a build-up of plaque.

d) The untreated gingivitis may lead to tooth loss.