Anal Fissure: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment

Anal Fissure: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment

Anal Fissure: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Ayurvedic Treatment

By Dr Shekhar BenadeAyurveda

Cracks and tears that occur in the anal canal or the anus are known as anal fissures. The muscle beneath the skin is exposed due to the crack and causes bleeding and severe pain during urination. The anal fissure usually heals within 4-6 weeks.


Anal fissures usually occur during the passage of hard or large stools. The skin surrounding the anus can also be torn due to frequent diarrhoea or chronic cases of constipation. Some of the other causes include:

  1. Straining while childbirth.
  2. Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease (a chronic disorder affecting the digestive tract’s lining).
  3. Highly tight anal sphincter muscles.
  4. A decrease in the flow of blood to the anorectal region.


Some of the symptoms of anal fissures are:

  1. Visible skin tear near the anus.
  2. Itching or burning in the anal regions.
  3. Sharp pain which occurs in the anal region during bowel movement.
  4. Blood streaks visible on stools.


Risks of anal fissures can be reduced by following the following measures:

  1. Frequently changing the diapers of infants.
  2. Using warm water and mild soap to cleanse the anal regions.
  3. The anal regions should be kept dry.
  4. 4. Immediately treating diarrhoea.
  5. Consuming large amounts of fluids and fibrous food as well as exercising regularly can aid in avoiding constipation.

Ayurvedic Treatment-

Some of the Ayurvedic treatment methods for anal fissures include:

  1. Kshara-Sutra: This is a para-surgical method which is least invasive and involves cutting tissues which are benign. This causes strangulation of the tissue, thus causing the tag to fall off while the underlying fissure heals in few days.
  2. Externally: Avagaha Sweda is implemented which is basically a bath with medicated decoctions.
  3. Internal: Use of Deepana which are basically carminatives (flatulence relieving drug).
  4. Vata-nulomana: The process rectifies the working of Apana Vayu (energy in abdominal regions).