Dark Circles and Homeopathy

Dark Circles and Homeopathy

Dark Circles and Homeopathy

By Dr Jagat Shah , Homeopathy

Dark circles under the eye may result because of many reasons. Some common causes include fatigue and tiredness, aging, no sleep and some sort of deficiency. Doctors also recommend that face creams should not be left on the face for a long period of time, as they can result in blemishes. Apart from the above mentioned causes, some others are-

1. Heredity- Darks circles may be hereditary. One may suffer from dark circles if it runs in the family and other family members have them too.

2. Allergies or Asthma- Burning or itchiness in and around the eye, along with constant rubbing can result in dark circles.

3. Excess Exposure to Sun- This can increase skin pigmentation, especially during the summers.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Circles-

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine, which is highly effective in treating health conditions on the basis of their causes and symptoms. Some highly effective homeopathic remedies for dark circles are-

1. Cina: This homeopathic medicine is great for treating dark circles as well as helps in correcting dilated pupils, eyestrain, and pulsation of the ciliary muscles, yellow vision and abdominal discomfort.

2. Chinin S: This homeopathic remedy is generally used to treat infection of the eye. It is highly effective in dealing with intermittent neuralgic pain which affects the eye and its surrounding area.

3. Cyclamen: Cyclamen really helps reduce eye blemishes. In fact, it helps in the considerable reduction of spots before the eye and dark pigmentation around them.

Apart from these three homeopathic remedies, various others also help with darks circle reduction. They are:

1. Sepia

2. Spongia

3. Taosca aqua

4. Thuja

5. TriticumVulgare

6. Psorinum

7. Geranium Inodorum

Although these medicines are very effective, it is important to understand that every individual has different needs and may require different medication. Thus, ensure that you consult your homeopathic doctor, before you try any of the above mentioned medication.