Effects of Over Masturbation on Health

Effects of Over Masturbation on Health

Effects of Over Masturbation on Health

By Dr M.S Ambekar , Sexology

Masturbation is a natural and normal sexual behavior, but too much of it can result in several imbalances. Masturbation is a way of satisfying sexual desires on your own, but when its frequency goes beyond the bearable level, its effect may be serious.

How much masturbation is excessive?

According to Logan Levkoff – a sexologist and a sex educator, it’s not about how often you masturbate in a week or day, but it’s about how it suits your body. However, daily masturbation can be rightfully said to be over masturbation. Over masturbation affects memory and concentration. Some of the psychological effects of over masturbation are stress and anxiety. Frequent masturbation also cause physiological imbalances like abnormal rise in the level of sex hormones, thinning of hair, infertility and premature ejaculation and pain in testis.

Its effect on health-

1) Too much masturbation is said to be the cause of hair loss in males. Over masturbation is responsible for transforming testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DTH). A high level of DTH causes baldness.

2) Over masturbation stimulates certain nervous functions that are responsible for producing sex hormones overly. Parasympathetic nervous functions are raised by over masturbation, which in turn produces more sex hormones like dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine. This unusual rise in the level of sex hormones causes major changes in the chemical balance of the body.

3) Frequent masturbation causes fatigue, weakness in nervous system and weak erection.

4) Over masturbation causes skin irritation and acne.

5) Rough masturbation can result in low sperm count and swollen penis.

Over masturbation can have some serious effects on your health, some of which are erection problem, loss of appetite, weight loss and weakness in your body. So if you are suffering from an habit of over masturbation, try and consult a sex therapist.