Premature Greying and Ayurveda

Premature Greying and Ayurveda

Premature Greying and Ayurveda

By Dr Nandeesh JAyurveda

Grey or white hair is one the most embarrassing condition for people especially women, if premature graying will occur at teenage or small age then this will be a worse condition for people. Hair color is factor of melanin and premature graying occurs due to melanin deficiency.

Premature greying has become a common problem that is characterized by the hair becoming gray as the pigment that imparts the hair its natural color (melanin) is no longer produced. A number of factors affect premature greying such as hormonal imbalance and lifestyle habits. Ayurveda is a holistic method of treatment that helps in treating premature greying very effectively.

The various Ayurvedic remedies for premature greying are:

  1. Cleanse your Hair: You should keep your hair clean at all times; use a mild cleanser to wash your hair on a daily basis. Not washing your hair can cause buildup of dirt and dead skin, thus causing itchy scalp.
  2. Panchakarma Therapy: You may undergo panchakarma therapy which uses various oils to massage your scalp and hair. The oils which used in this therapy are neem oil, bhringraj oil and oils prepared from sesame seeds. These oils provide nourishment to the hair and stimulate pigment production.
  3. Diet: You need to eat proper foods to keep premature greying at bay. Include more vegetables and fruits as they provide the body with the necessary nutrients to retain the natural color of your hair. Avoid consuming processed foods which are loaded with sugar and salt as they take a toll on your health and also your hair.
  4. Improve your Digestion: Make sure that your digestive system is healthy so that the foods in your body get processed efficiently. Complications in the liver and an unhealthy digestive system can cause premature greying of hair and also subsequent hair loss.
  5. Eat Foods Rich in Copper: Eat foods such as almonds, spinach and yams for their copper content as deficiency of copper can cause premature greying of hair.

Now, if this takes place in your early 20′s or 30′s, then there’s certainly something wrong with your health; perhaps you are suffering from poor nutrition or severe medical conditions. Quite often premature hair whitening is also caused by a genetic trait. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people think of hair colouring as the only way to get rid of hair whitening. They often forget the magical effect of ayurveda on almost all types of physical conditions – white hair or premature hair greying is no exception.

Ayurvedic treatments help combat premature hair graying and restore your natural hair colour. The natural pigmentation of your hair tends to vanish as a person grows old; over time, this turns into white colour. Nevertheless, if your hair turns gray at a young age, then it’s possibly due to some medical conditions, nervous shock or hereditary traits. Instead of choosing chemical-based hair colours, try some ayurvedic treatment for premature graying of your hair.