By Dr Deepak Arora , Ayurveda

Nightfall, also known as nocturnal ejaculation or nocturnal emission, is a spontaneous and involuntary orgasm that occurs while asleep. Also known as wet dreams in common terms, they are characterized by ejaculation in males and vaginal wetness in females. Nocturnal ejaculations are fairly common among men especially during their adolescence with the sperm ache. Most adolescent boys experience wet dreams frequently and feel pretty normal about it.

They are extremely common even in some adults and are rather healthy. However, an increase in the frequency does become a bit of a concern for some adults. Excessive nocturnal emission may eventually lead to sexual weakness. Pathological nocturnal emissions are often accompanied by weakness, dizziness and insomnia and must be brought to medical attention.

Nocturnal emissions, in excess, may lead to a low sperm count, inability to perform sexually or to get an erection, low levels of testosterone and other hormonal disorders. It may also lead to psychological concerns like guilt and low self-esteem. Some men eventually develop Dhat syndrome owing to the cultural backwardness and the excessive worry over nocturnal emissions. A certified physician or sexologist must be contacted in case of the occurrence of nocturnal emission above twice a week on average.

What Does Ayurveda Say?

According to the Ayurveda, the male genitalia secretes semen due to eight main causes. These causes are dependent on the kind of diet the person consumes, visual pleasures and sexual desires evoked by various stimulation. Ayurvedic doctors believe that a lot of modern changes in our diet and lifestyle may be responsible for nightfall. Tension, an overexposure to the female body, increased sexual drives, stress and sexual relations at a much younger age are also contributing factors. Ayurvedic medication is  the best to help with nightfall treatment without any side-effects. However, you may need to also make some changes to your lifestyle and diet.

Nocturnal ejaculations are a healthy expression of the individual’s sexuality and are not necessarily a cause of shame or worry. In case of pathological symptoms or an increase in the frequency of occurrence, it is easily curable with medical guidance.