Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy


By Dr Nishith ChandraCardiology

Your heart works relentlessly and it works hard. It is only fair to take care of it, and keep it healthy.

Here are 7 tips to keep your heart healthy-

  1. Sleep: Seven to eight hours of sleep is important for good heart health. Research shows people who sleep less than 5 hours are at a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular disorders.
  2. Keep your Blood Pressure Steady: High blood pressure leads to heart problems. So keep it in check by consuming less salt, limiting your alcohol intake and doing regular exercises.
  3. Avoid Saturated Fats: Cut down on meat, full-fat milk products and processed or fried foods to avoid cholesterol build-up; these foods give rise to the bad cholesterol levels in the body (LDL), thus putting you at increased risks of cardiovascular disorders.
  4. Exercise: Move as much as you can, and walk wherever you can. Exercise, of any sort, will keep your heart healthy. Try to exercise for about 40 minutes to an hour six days a week and see how it helps keep your heart in perfect shape.
  5. Stop Smoking: Smoking constricts your blood vessels, thus throwing your blood pressure out of balance. This tremendously augments the chances of you suffering from heart related disorders. SO ditch that cigarette right now.
  6. Lose Weight: Obesity is one of the main causes of severe heart problems. Keep a check on your diet; it is beneficial to start slimming down for a healthy heart.
  7. Less Stress is Good: Stress is unavoidable in today’s times. But you can try and pick up any hobby that relaxes you (for example, practice yoga). When your stress levels are low, your heart will thank you for it.

Follow these tips and you will be doing your heart a favor. You will feel better and be able to stay active with a heart-healthy lifestyle.