Effects of Low Testosterone on Fertility

Effects of Low Testosterone on Fertility


By Dr Pradeep Kr Bansal , Urology

Low levels of testosterone may stagnate your sexual drive and may also lead to erectile dysfunction. It is crucial that you go for testosterone replacement therapy or TRT if you have low levels of testosterone as this affects your sperm count. However, how does testosterone get produced? Here is how-

How does testosterone get produced?
It has been said that testosterone and sperm function as sort of a ‘feedback loop’. The system starts off with the brain making a special type of hormone known as gonadotropin-releasing hormones sometimes abbreviated to GnRH. These hormones are a signal for the testes to make more sperm. In testosterone replacement therapy, gels, patches or other methods are used to insert testosterone. However, there are some reasons not to use testosterone replacement therapy as well.

Why not use Testosterone replacement therapy?
Testosterone replacement therapy gives the brain a signal that you have enough testosterone in your system and therefore do not need anymore. This stops the brain from sending signals to the testes to make more testosterone and therefore testosterone produced by the body will actually decrease.

What other treatments can I opt for?
A better and more natural treatment which can be used is gonadotropin injections. As mentioned earlier, gonadotropin is a type of hormone which sends a signal to the brain to tell the testes to produce testosterone. If these hormones are inserted artificially, then the body will be producing testosterone at the rate at which it is supposed to produce testosterone.

What else can I do?
Fathering a child is difficult and sometimes even getting the opportunity to is difficult as well. Overweight and obese men tend to have lower levels of testosterone as compared to normal men as belly fat converts estrogen to testosterone. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help solve these problems.