Tummy Tuck Surgery Medical Benefits

Tummy Tuck Surgery Medical Benefits

Tummy Tuck Surgery Medical Benefits

By Dr Ajaya KashyapCosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as Tummy Tuck Surgery, is a cosmetic surgery that is used in the tightening of muscles and removal of loose fat and skin. This results in the skin appearing smooth and toned.

Similar to “mommy makeovers” (a procedure applicable after pregnancy which helps women restore their figure), Tummy Tuck Surgery is used to help patients who have experienced large amounts of weight loss within a small period of time.

Although it is usually done for cosmetic reasons, it does provide a large number of medical benefits. Some of them are:

1. Better Posture and Improved Abdominal Tone: Strong muscles tend to become weak after multiple pregnancies and extreme weight loss. In these cases, diet and exercises are not enough. Abdominoplasty surgically removes excess fat and skin, thereby tightening weak muscles and flattening the abdomen.

Sway back or Lordosis is often associated with abdominoplasty. It is noticeable that after the surgery, the patients have an improved posture due to the tightened muscles supporting the spine. This helps in relieving a variety of back pains.

2. Stress Urinary Incontinence is reduced: In some women, Stress Urinary Incontinence sets in after a vaginal birth. It is a bladder control disorder that is associated with uncontrolled and involuntary urinary discharge. Any sort of exercise, sneezing or coughing may put certain amount of pressure on your bladder, thus resulting in involuntary urination.

Usually SUI does not require a surgery. However, in severe cases, research has shown that Abdominoplasty is helpful especially in patients who do not have a caesarean section.

3. Correction of Ventral Hernia: Ventral Hernia is characterized by a noticeable abdominal bulge, which forms because of some defect or opening within the wall muscles of the abdomen. A Tummy Tuck Surgery may be conducted by the surgeon to repair this condition for good, thereby preventing recurrences as well.