Using Bottle Gourd for Weight Reduction

Using Bottle Gourd for Weight Reduction


By Dr Jyoti Monga, Ayurveda

In Indian cuisine, Bottle Gourd i.e. Lauki is a staple item that is used in every household. It is a vegetable with a white spongy pulp with a smooth, pale and waxy green surface. A large number of people consume the juice of the Lauki as it is believed that it would enhance their health.

It is a fact that 96% of the Lauki vegetable is made up of water, thereby making it very suitable for the extraction of juice. It is available from the market readily and extraction of juice is quite simple. It is rich in nutrients and has low levels of concentration and fat which makes it very popular among health conscious people. It also used to prevent oxidation of DNA.

Bottle gourd juice is very popular among people who want to lose weight. You should simply peel the skin of a new Lauki, cut it into little pieces, place it in a juicer along with few mint leaves and make the juice.

After preparation, small amounts of black pepper powder, cumin powder and salt is added and mixed along with a few ice cubes. Having this juice consistently will help immensely in decreasing your weight. As this juice is stacked with vitamins, potassium and iron, it is highly nutritious. In addition, this juice is accepted to control your appetite if you are capable of drinking it on a void stomach, first thing in the morning.

Apart from containing soluble fibre, Bottle gourd juice also contains insoluble fibre with a high water content. This makes it highly beneficial for the digestive system. Consumption of Lauki juice also helps relieve constipation problems. Being diuretic in nature, the Lauki juice helps in flushing out excess water from the system.