5 Tips to Make her Orgasm

5 Tips to Make her Orgasm

5 Tips to Make her Orgasm

By Dr Pradeep Aggarwal , Sexology

You surely do not want to end up being the selfish partner who slackens after having had his share of pleasure. The best kind of sex should result in mutual satisfaction. Every male should therefore strive to explore his partner’s body; making efforts to let her achieve orgasm is one of the many ways.

Ways to Help your Partner Reach Orgasm-

1. Wearing musky cologne could be your first footstep: Musky colognes will not smell too strong to make you seem artificial. Again, it will incite her sex hormones greatly. Research studies show that smell, sex and memory are closely positioned centers of her brain. Therefore, an almost natural perfume can set her in the right mood and can even increase the chances of an orgasm.

2. Do not fixate on the climax: At times obsessing about the climax can actually delay its occurrence. For a well- achieved climax both bodies and minds should be at ease. Calming down is extremely essential to let pleasure heighten. Women tend to be immensely worried about a timely orgasm which makes its possibility bleak. Take it upon yourself to distract her mind from these worries.

3. Refute her insecurities regarding her body: A woman might be constantly struggling with insecurities regarding the way she looks. Your partner can never feel comfortable unless she is confident of herself. Appreciate her gestures and moves in bed to let her go off the edge.

4. Multitask to give her utmost pleasure: While you concentrate on making intercourse worthwhile you may be at a distance from her upper body. Multitasking is necessary to titillate her at different parts of the body at the same time. If you are on top hold your lady around her shoulders resting her head on your palm and move your chest against hers to facilitate insertion.

5. You must let her take charge: All women are not inherently passive. Let your lady take the lead in bed. Your lady love will understand her orgasm better and will direct you accordingly.