Fatigue: Ayurvedic Treatment And Medicines

Fatigue: Ayurvedic Treatment And Medicines


By Dr Jyoti Monga, Ayurveda

The problem with fatigue is that it is difficult to trace the source of the tiredness. Some common problems and their solutions are listed below:

1. Exertion on the body: The most common reason for fatigue is over exertion of the body. Exertion beyond your capacity causes imbalance in all the three doshas – kapha, pitta and vata. Under the present scenario, it has become quite common for over exertion to occur.

Certain foods are recommended by the ‘Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians’ to combat fatigue. Some important herbs include herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Arjuna, spices like fenugreek and black pepper and nuts like walnuts and almonds. It also stated by the council that if the ingredients are mixed in the correct proportion, it can be used to relieve stress and fatigue post exercise.

2. Unhealthy diet: The Ayurvedic philosophy of food is ‘Annaha Brahmaha’ which means food is divine. An unhealthy diet sets you up for an irritable feeling and tiredness. Moreover, certain foods like alcohol, caffeine, deep-fried foods, etc., sap the energy from the body.A proper dietary schedule should be prepared and adhered to and digestible and nourishing foods should be chosen.

3. Underuse of body: A person leading a sedentary lifestyle usually exhibits fatigue and lethargy. This leads to increase of ama i.e. toxic substances in the body.

A variety of activity should be performed along with regular brisk walks and exercises that improve bodily functions. A light diet and detoxifying diet should be followed.

4. Herbs: A number of herbs, along with the personal efforts, should help you ease through the fatigue. Nature is a unique pharmacy and experts state that several herbs, each having its own specialization, when used in proportionate combinations can help to achieve maximum benefit.