How to Survive Depression Relapse

How to Survive Depression Relapse

How to Survive Depression Relapse

By Dr Rahul R.Ghadge , Psychiatry

Depression is arguably one of the most feared illnesses in the modern days. Although, it does not directly impute any physically detrimental symptom, some of the pitfalls of depression turn out to be serious health issues. One potentially loses the zeal to live and is prone to unhealthy lifestyle choices, which in turn become the breeding ground of multiple diseases.

Depression also amounts to unnecessary bitterness in one’s social life and also adversely affects one’s professional capabilities. Therefore, depression is a condition that has the potential to wreak havoc in one’s life and it is in the best of interests of the person as well as his or her loved ones that signs of depression are defeated right from the beginning. While depression can be clinically as well as naturally cured, there are every chances of a subsequent relapse. This needs to be avoided by all means.

The 6-Step Depression Chart…

  1. The first step towards combating depression is to face it and acknowledge its sway on one. It always helps to seek help from trusted source.
  2. Sympathy and belittling aggravates the situation, so one must be sensitive to the sufferings of the survivor.
  3. Keeping one’s mind occupied with something productive and socially laudable is extremely important.
  4. One might consciously try to push one’s limits in the professional sphere while take up recreational activities in the spare time. Activities like yoga, Zumba and meditation have been known to be effective healing methodologies.
  5. It is also recommended that one engages in social awareness programmes and charitable initiatives. By making a difference in the lives of those in need, one obtains a feeling of purposefulness which cheers one up adequately.
  6. One of the most common consequences of depression is the feeling of solitude, despair and lovelessness. One needs to trust one’s peers and well wishers on such occasions. Spending more time with the trusted company or trying the online social media to across newer acquaintances can prove to be extremely effective for curing depression and averting its relapse.

While there are medicines that can be taken to this effect, if these lifestyle choices be implemented, then one no longer needs to be dependent on any medication.

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