7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life After Kids

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life After Kids

7 ways to spice up your sex life after kidsBy Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Sexology

Having kids can be a taxing affair on your body and mind and it may result in your sex life taking a back seat. Chores, routine and uniformity creeps in as fatigue and tiredness take over and thus, intimacy is the last thing on your mind. However there are some easy tricks to get the spark back in your life. Let’s look at them:

1. Do Unexpected Romantic Things – Surprise each other with romantic gestures such as sudden lunch dates, sending flowers to the woman or cooking a favorite meal as these will re-kindle interest.

2. Be Physical – After or in between chores try and sneak in a massage for your partner or share passionate kisses in the middle of bring and drab work. This will ignite small parks which will add up later.

3. Make Plans and Schedule Times or Dates Together – This will let you have some time alone and reconnect you in a manner that you used to do before kids.

4. Small Gifts on Special Occasions – Ensure that you send small gifts on occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries and gifts that would make the person feel special so that the romance can be rekindled.

5. Do Work for Them – Be it the man or the woman, it is important that the partner does some of their work as a token of appreciation on certain days and frees up their time to make way for intimacy.

6. Make Sure you Court Each Other – Not just after having kids but also after long periods of marriage, it is important that you court and treat each other like romantic beings instead of just being partners in home chores.

7. Make Sure of Effective Communication – Ensure that both you and your partner have effective communication and problems or difficulties are not bottled up. Rather, take it out in the open, discuss and resolve them amicably so that angst between you can be removed.