6 Things Guys Like In Bed that You Did Not Know

6 Things Guys Like In Bed that You Did Not Know

6 Things Guys Like In Bed that You Did Not Know

By Dr Pradeep AggarwalSexology

You might think you know everything your significant other wants in bed. But, there are a few things he will never tell you but expect you to do anyway. Guys are just like girls when it comes to sex. Even they have certain aspiration and wants, if not to say certain dreams, when it comes to having sex. After all, who wouldn’t have? Although guys want to look tough often, they are quite mellow. And sometimes, it is a treat to watch their faces light up when you do something they wouldn’t have thought you’d do even though they expect it secretly. Here are a few things you didn’t know the guys liked in bed:

1. Compliments: Even guys like compliments just as much as you. They like to know what you think of them and how you perceive them. And when you compliment them while in bed, it is like a cherry on the top for them. So don’t feel shy to compliment him while you are at it.

2. First Move: Although you expect him to take the first move, remember that he expects the same off you. So don’t always wait for him to start. Make him feel wanted by taking the initiative.

3. Dress up: Now who wouldn’t want to look good for their significant other? Take time to look good for him when you plan out a steamy session in bed. He will not only appreciate what you are in, but will also love to take you without.

4. Cheesy Romance: Unlike popular belief, even men like cheesy romance. May be candles and roses will help you to pipe it up a bit?

5. Moans: Well, not that you are supposed to fake it, but if he knows that you are enjoying your time, then he will definitely reach the seventh heaven.

6. Take it outside the room: Be more adventurous. Take it outside the room and christen every other room that you have in the house. It definitely spices him up more.

Try these out and see the marvelous results they bring.