PRP for Hair Fall

PRP for Hair Fall


By Dr. Siddharth Prakash , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Hair loss may be caused due to multiple factors, and it may lead to baldness or alopecia. Alopecia is a condition where you may lose hair from all over the body instead of just the scalp. Whether it is alopecia, normal or pattern baldness, hair loss can lead to severe depression, loss of self confidence and social isolation.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment-

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a very effective treatment for hair loss. It involves drawing out the blood from the patient’s body which is already rich in blood platelets. This blood is then concentrated to extract enriched blood platelets in the form of a serum. This serum is then injected into the scalp. PRP treatment can even be combined with hair transplant surgery, medication and micro needling to enhance their effectiveness.

Advantages of PRP treatment for hair fall-

  1. It is a non surgical procedure so you don’t have to be sedated with anesthesia.
  2. It is a short duration procedure as PRP procedure lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.
  3. It is extremely reliable, safe and authentic.
  4. Time taken for recovery is very short. You will see noticeable results in less than a week after this procedure while getting to see marked improvements over the course for the next few weeks and months.
  5. Hair loss is controlled doesn’t recur after this procedure while the result looks very natural.

Non – Eligibility for a PRP treatment-

  1. If you are suffering from malignancies or blood borne diseases you should not go in for a PRP treatment.
  2. If you have a current infection you might not be able to sit for a PRP hair treatment.
  3. Patients suffering from cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease are not eligible for a PRP treatment.
  4. If you are currently pregnant or anemic, you shouldn’t opt for a PRP treatment.
  5. If you are currently suffering from any form of skin diseases you shouldn’t opt for PRP treatments either.