Contact Lens Discomfort – What to Do

Contact Lens Discomfort – What to Do

Contact Lens Discomfort - What to Do

By Sharp Sight , Ophthalmology

If you do not feel good about your eyes or are unable to see things clearly with your contact lenses, then it is advised you remove the lenses right away and go up to your doctor to find out which of the below mentioned solutions can serve your purpose:

Nutritional Supplements:

In order to wear contact lenses comfortably, your eyes should produce adequate tears. However, you do not only need good quantity of tears, but quality as well. For instance, imbalanced chemistry of tears can result in quick tear evaporation, which is as much an important matter of concern as not producing sufficient tears.

In one research study, it has been established that flaxseed oil and omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, such as salmon can better the lubrication element of tear composition to avert the danger of tear evaporation.

Artificial Tears:

Artificial tears can help alleviate your problem of occasional dryness. Consult your physician because a few eye drops may prove ineffective with some specific types of contact lenses. There are drops that can ruin and discolor your lenses. Besides, not all drops are compatible with contact lenses.

To cure dryness, never use products that are meant to “get the red out” as it functions to restrict the small blood vessels, which superimpose your eye’s white part (sclera). By shrinking the size of the blood vessels, it reduces the possibility of red eyes, but without completely treating the underlying problem of dryness.

Punctal Occlusion:

This treatment consists of blocking your ducts that empty tears from your eyes by putting inside a tiny piece of acrylic or silicone, known as a punctal plug. The task of a punctal bag is to reduce the drainage of tears and thereby preserve more moisture on the face of your eyes. You can look for temporary, dissolving plugs so that you can test this alternative to find out if punctual plugs are suitable for you.