Homeopathy for Infertility

Homeopathy for Infertility


By Dr. Neha Gupta , Homeopathy

Infertility can be defined as a condition when even after a prolonged duration of regular sexual intercourse (6 months to a year) between a single male and female partner, the woman is unable to conceive a child. Infertility could be with either the man or the woman or in some cases, both of them. Infertility might cause a significant problem in the self-esteem and daily life of the people involved.


Although there are many reasons for infertility, some of them are mentioned briefly as follows -

  1. In women: In a woman, infertility can occur due to polycystic ovary syndrome, irregular and short-term or long-standing menstrual periods, inflammatory diseases of the pelvis caused by sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea and chlamydia, disorder in the thyroid glands, fallopian tube blockage or structural deformation of the uterus.
  2. In men: Infertility might stem from severe injury of the testicles, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexually transmitted infections, testicular deformation along with low sperm count and blockage of the ejaculatory duct.
  3. Both partners: If the reason behind infertility is both male and female, the reasons can be obesity, old age, mental anxiety, excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes or as a side effect of radiation therapy and other prescribed medications.

Infertility Homeopathic Treatments-

Infertility homeopathic treatments are becoming more popular among couples who experience infertility issues, because they are all-natural, work relatively fast and are affordable in comparison to traditional medicine.

Approximately 15-20% of couples worldwide have difficulties conceiving, and this can be due to many causes, including hormonal imbalances in one or both partners. Infertility has become a more serious problem in the past century, and its causes are mostly related to our way of life. Smoking, drinking and an unhealthy diet, together with high levels of stress, will definitely affect your ability to conceive.

Homeopathic medicine is widely used as an alternative to conventional medicine, helping the body to treat itself and infertility homeopathic treatments are available for both men and women; there are many homeopathic medical journals that will attest to their efficiency.

As it is a symptom-based form of medicine, a prescribed dosage of Homeopathy can be used to treat infertility and can be very effective. Some of the really helpful homeopathic medications to cure infertility are mentioned as follows:

  1. Borax – If the symptoms include acidic discharge from the vagina which gradually destroys the sperms, Borax can be recommended.
  2. Pulsatilla – This is a very effective medication for women who suffer from low sex drive due to lower hormone levels and if used in combination with sepia can also correct problems caused by irregular and infrequent periods.
  3. Sepia – Useful when the woman suffers from low sex drive along with immense pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse.
  4. Caladium or Selenium – Useful when the reason is erectile dysfunction along with symptoms of severe mental stress, unconditioned semen discharge and lack of sexual appetite in men.
  5. Calcarea Carb – It is useful to cure the symptoms of irregular but long-standing menstrual periods in women.
  6. Sabal Serrulata – This is a great medication meant to correct problems of the hormone related problems stemming from the issues of the testes.

These are just a few of the commonly used Homeopathic remedies and are mentioned only to create awareness about the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines for Infertility. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease.