Myths About Skin Care Products

Myths About Skin Care Products

Myths About Skin Care Products

By Dr Shivashankar B. Sajjanshetty , Dermatology

Given the constant buzz and hype created around flawless and almost unachievable standards of skin quality, it is no surprise to discover the hundreds and thousands of beauty products laid at our feet promise the impossible. These products end up creating a bubble around the process of dealing with suntans, wrinkles and acne, thus giving rise to uncountable myths. Some of the common myths surrounding skin care products include:

Myth1: Fairness creams can be effective in whitening your complexion.

This is a very popular myth. No matter how deep within the skin pore a cream promises to go, there isn’t much any cream can do about to the underlying pigment called ‘melanin’, which is ultimately responsible for the complexion.

Myth2: Skin care is chosen based on age.

While age is an important factor, skin care products can be rather helpful if chosen based on skin type. Skin type is much more important a factor when it comes to choosing the correct products because different creams will have different effects on the skin.

Myth3: The hard granules in the face wash and scrubs help to remove accumulated dirt.

While the media has created a tremendous hype around the granules present in various skin care products, the truth is they’re usually made up of plastic and have no effect on the skin.

Myth4: Expensive cosmetics are better.

The effectiveness of a particular product depends solely on the formulation of the elements used and has little or nothing to do with the price they’re marketed at.

Myth5: Higher the SPF, better the protection.

The range of the SPF should depend on the skin type and texture. A higher SPF may cause more damage than protection if it doesn’t suit your skin.