Enhance your Child’s Health with Massage

Enhance your Child’s Health with Massage


By  Dr. Rajiv Singh, Pediatrics

Helping the Muscles and Joints relieved by rubbing of the body with the hands. The Massage helps in relieving any kind of body pain and let the body relax.

Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows etc. Massage is useful for everyone be it adult or the child. Massage helps in enhancing child health too.

Baby massage is a lovely and tender way to:

  1. Soothe, calm and enjoy time with the baby,
  2. Create a bonding with the child,
  3. Keep the child body healthy.

How it works?

Giving massage to the infants/children stimulates the central nervous system. It basically stimulates and sets off a chain reaction, how it creates this reaction is that it makes the brain produce more serotonin, a feel good chemical and less cortisol and this leads to overall relaxation of the child. This also results in the heart rate and breathing to slow down.

Every child irrespective of the age should be massaged at bedtime on regular basis. It is essential for child health and well-being. Massage is a wonderful stress buster for children.

Stress is not only a condition experienced by adults even the infants; children also face the same in some form or the other when they are exposed to the environment which is completely new to them.

  1. A child can face stress at the time of starting of the school since they are unfamiliar with the area or the children around,
  2. On Account of Family illness or financial problems, divorce and even vacations can produce emotional strain.

So, massage therapy helps in reduction of the stress level and the stress hormone levels.

There is a strong relationship between stress and the immune system. If the stress hormone is elevated it will destroy the healthy immune cells and hence it will not able to fight the viruses and child will fall ill often, on the other hand if child is provided with regular massage it will keep the stress level down and the immune system will work properly to keep the child active and more healthy.

Massage also have an impact on children’s behavior, they remain happier and in a better mood.

Even for children with special needs massage has been found to be very useful and safe treatment. So massage should be taken as a daily routine to keep the child healthy and fit.

Keep giving regular massage to your kids and keep them happy.