Performance Anxiety During Sex

Performance Anxiety During Sex


By Dr. Aseem Logani , Sexology

Fear and anxiety is the most common factor which everyone faces in their life in some or the other situation. There is no age consideration for getting anxious over things. When this aspect comes in concern with the sex, it really becomes a great hindrance in enjoying the real pleasure of sex.

Most men have this anxiety in performing the sex and can occur at any age group. Even a single attempt in failure of erection or completing the sexual act till the climax may start to develop a negative thought in men. This develops the anxiousness during the next sexual attempt and anxiety develops thinking about the future consequences. Hence, he fails to enjoy the present sexual moments with full pleasure. Anxiety during sex makes the person to think only about the mechanical events and part of sex and fails to look for the emotional factors and responses which actually act as triggers to have a pleasurable sex.

Precipitating factors -

Men can identify them self having this performance anxiety if they have any of these following symptoms-

  1. Failure to get erected when you are with women but erection occurs with a porn or when you are alone.
  2. Sometimes the person gets fear and worried about failure of getting erected at appropriate time
  3. Loosening of the erection even during the first or second attempt of sex.
  4. Low self esteem and thinking that we will not be able to perform perfect sex. This negative thought in mind develops strongly and causes poor performance.

Tips to overcome this performance anxiety -

  1. Remove the obsessed thoughts – it is very important to free your mind from any negative thoughts towards your sex performance. Developing confidence and thinking optimistic towards your sexual performance will really help to relieve the anxiety.
  2. Don’t match your personal life with porn.
  3. Stop worrying about your penis size and this will really improves your confidence level.
  4. Forget if you have experienced any negative things or performance in your past life. Never store all your past events and experiences in your mind as this will really holds you back from enjoying present sex.
  5. Don’t think of failures and stress yourself. Have confidence that you will achieve it one day and enjoy sex to the fullest.