Causes of Ejaculation Disorders

Causes of Ejaculation Disorders

Causes of Ejaculation DisordersBy Dr. Pradeep AggarwalSexology

Ejaculation is the function of the body where the semen is ejected or discharged from the body. Many men suffer from various forms of ejaculation disorder which results in problems for them. Some of the causes for the various ejaculation disorders are mentioned below.

Premature Ejaculation:

1. Mental – Upbringing or social taboos may cause the man to have developed this disorder due to social taboos or masturbation where he has become accustomed to ejaculating quickly. Anxiety about sexual performance may also cause you to ejaculate prematurely.

2. Hereditary Reasons – Men who have other men in the family with this condition also tend to get it as it is genetically passed down.

3. Thyroid Problems – Hypoactive or hyperactive thyroid gland problems may also cause premature ejaculation by messing with the production of other hormones within the body.

4. Other Physical Problems – Men who suffer from the following problems, either acquired due to life style problems or other means, can also suffer from premature ejaculation:

a. High blood pressure
b. Obesity
c. Multiple sclerosis
d. Any use of recreational drugs
e. Diabetes
f. Excessive drinking
g. Depression

Delayed Ejaculation:

This is the exact opposite of premature ejaculation as lots of sexual stimulation is required for the man to ejaculate and it takes much longer for the man to climax. Delayed ejaculation has similar psychological reasons like premature ejaculation as mentioned above. However, some of the physical reasons may differ, which could be:

a. Spinal cord injuries and nerve trauma
b. Certain medications such as antidepressants, muscle relaxants and high blood pressure medications
c. Any form of prostate surgery
d. Advancing age

Retrograde Ejaculation:

This is a medical condition caused by damage to the muscles and nerves surrounding the bladder. Semen which is supposed to pass through the urethra out of the penis instead goes back into the bladder. Injuries or deformities are the primary cause of this and thus requires in-depth medical attention.