Pain Management for Chronic Back Pain

Pain Management for Chronic Back Pain


By Dr. G.P. Dureja , Pain Management

Chronic back pain refers to recurrent instances of severe pain at the back of the body caused due to muscle strain or a strain in the ligaments.


The chronic back pain generally results from factors such as a severe accident, excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption, increased stress levels, mental disorders, a sedentary lifestyle, drastic weight gain and other serious medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and cancer.

Chronic back pain usually develops after the age of 50, in both the genders. It results in significant pain and discomfort for the concerned person.

However, you can adopt the following measures to manage the severe symptoms caused by chronic back pain:

  1. You must maintain a regular exercise schedule for remedying back pain. Your chiropractor and physiotherapist will prescribe suitable exercises which they deem fit for you after diagnosing the causes of chronic back pain.
  2. You should cut down on your alcohol and tobacco intake right away. These two factors, along with an unhealthy diet, always trigger back pain.
  3. Medications can also be prescribed by the doctor to eliminate the back pain, such as acetaminophen that is an OTC pain reliever and other NSAIDs such as diclofenac and celecoxib.
  4. You must keep in mind that the back pain should not disrupt your daily functioning. You should attend regular sessions with your counselor if the back pain significantly disrupts your daily life in order to reinstate positivity in your life.
  5. In order to manage chronic back pain, you should incorporate certain changes and modifications to your regular diet. Drink sufficient amount of water in a day (around 2-3 liters) and include leafy, green vegetables, soy products and fruits such as cherries or pineapple in your meals. While you’re at it, regulate the consumption of red meat, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate and other dairy products.
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