High frequency MesoDerma Roller (Hair treatment)

High frequency MesoDerma Roller (Hair treatment)


By Dr.Manjiri’s Instasculpt , Cosmetic Physician

The Meso Derma Roller is a device that consists of a heavy-duty roller head made up of plastic. Then, there are high class titanium needles that are fitted into the roller head. The role of these needles is to make a way into the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the epidermal surface of your body, skin or scalp. It helps in exfoliating excess skin cells which are responsible for the undernourishment of hair follicles, premature ageing or scarring. But it is the roller that boosts the flow of blood, provides a gentle massage to your skin, cleanses your skin pores and activates the growth of collagen.

How it works?

The micro needles attached to the roller head activate the wound healing procedure of your body. According to one research study, the wound healing can facilitate the formulation of protein that helps in the growth of new hair follicles.

It can also boost your blood circulation and supply more nutrients to your hair follicles leading to a healthy growth of hair. The treatment can significantly improve alopecia and male pattern baldness. So before going for any such treatment, it is advisable to use derma roller on your scalp that pricks the skin gently for the maximum absorption of topical procedures.

Study Findings-

In a research finding that was conducted by the experts from the Dermatology Department of General Hospital and L.T.M Medical College in Sion, Mumbai, India – a sample consisting of 100 males was bifurcated into 2 groups. The first group was given only minoxidil; whereas the second group was given the needling treatment once in a week and minoxidil for the next 6 days.

After this research study, it came to the light that men who were put on minoxidil on an average gained 17 more strands of hair while those received treatment using the roller on an average gained 91 more strands of hair.

Hence, it can be considered to be an excellent method to nourish your hair scalp and stimulate hair growth.