Low Libido – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments with Alternative Medicines

Low Libido – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments with Alternative Medicines


Br Dr. Sudhir Bhola, Sexology

Libido is conversationally denoted as sex drive in humans. It’s a person’s overall sexual urge or drive for sexual pursuit. Sexual desire is triggered by emotional, psychological, biological, and social factors. The biological relation between associated neurotransmitters and sex hormones which act upon the testosterone and dopamine stimulate libido drive in humans.

Causes of Low Libido (Sex Drive) in Humans:

  1. Low Testosterone – Testosterone is highly responsible and is a major factor of sexual urge in men as it is a significant male hormone and it is important for women as it determines their sex drive as well. However, testosterone is a primary male hormone responsible for many male traits whilst in women it is only responsible for the sex drive. Testosterone is accountable for regulating sperm production and building up of muscles and bone mass. Low testosterone in men can reduce the sex drive greatly and it can affect women the same way as well.
  2. Depression – People suffering from depression may go through a complete lack of satisfaction in sexual activity. It’s a very common notion that you will not feel sexy or may not want pleasure from your partner if you are depressed. Treating the underlying psychological factors usually tends to make the condition better.
  3. Medications – The intake of certain drugs and medicines like antidepressants may lower testosterone levels, completely diminishing sexual desire.
  4. Chronic Illnesses – In case of chronic pain or any kind of serious illness, it is unlikely that you would want to indulge in sexual activities. Also, certain illnesses and their treatments may take a toll on your body and greatly reduce sexual desire.

Symptoms of Low Libido-

  1. Difficulty in Achieving Erections.
  2. Frequent Changes in Mood in both men and women with irritability.
  3. Lack of desire to initiate or engage in sexual activities with a partner.
  4. Lack of desire to engage in masturbation or self pleasuring.
  5. No interest in fantasizing.

Alternative Treatments of Low Libido-

  1. Vajikarana Therapy: This therapy is performed to increase male potency by encouraging the various functions in the body thus boosting sex drive. Aphrodisiacs are also used in herbal therapy which increases potency by bounds and leaps. The usage of herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shilajit can definitely help increase your libido.
  2. Changing your Diet: Essential fats and zinc must be added to your eating methodology to increase blood flow in the reproductive system. Some of the best foods to improve libido would be watermelon, lettuce, ginger, eggs, and broccoli among others.
  3. Yoga at Home: Exercise and yoga is a must for relief from stress and to bring back hormonal balance. It must be done on a regular basis and you should see results in some time.
  4. Home Remedies: You can try some homemade recipes such as an apple dessert as it is one of the most beneficial sex tonics. Boiling drumstick flowers in milk, making a soup and having it regularly will work very well too. It provides functional sterility and fertility in both men and women.
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