Ways to Control Nerve Pain

Ways to Control Nerve Pain


By Dr. G.P. Dureja, Pain Management

Nerve pain generally occurs due to nerve damage. It can be caused due to diabetes, side effects from consuming certain drugs or side effects from chemotherapy just to mentions a few causes. Nerve pain can be reduced to some extent but cannot be cured completely.

How can you reduce nerve pain?

  1. If you have major fluctuations in your blood sugar levels (diabetes), try to keep your blood sugar under control. Sometimes diabetes can cause extreme nerve pain as it damage blood vessels and also cause damage to nerves (diabetic neuropathy).
  2. Exercise can also reduce nerve pain by making your joints and muscles more flexible. Nerve pain also occurs due to the stiffness of the neck or due to irregular flow of blood to the feet and leg. Nerve pain can be reduced in all of these cases with the help of regular exercise. Try walking for 30 minutes daily and keep a straight posture while walking. This will make your nerves stronger and help you recover back to health.
  3. Taking a hot water bath can also help your nerves relax. This is the easiest and most efficient way to increase the blood flow in your body and make you stress free.
  4. Nerve pain worsens at night and this can give you sleepless nights. So if you are experiencing nerve pain in your hand, try sleeping on that hand. This will stop the pain by compressing your nerves. You can also use a hot water bag on the affected area.
  5. Sometimes an inappropriate sleep pattern can also make your nerve pain immense. Try to reduce your caffeine consumption and get eight to nine hours of sleep daily. This will not only ease your nerve pain but also help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Capsaicin cream (an ointment made from hot chilli peppers) can also heal your nerve pain. It will cause a burning sensation, but after using it regularly, it will reduce your nerve pain.
  7. Relaxing your muscles with the help of herbal oil massages has been shown to be very effective at healing nerve pain. Try massaging the affected areas with botanical oils like geranium oil or lavender oil. The fragrance of these oils will also help take your mind of the pain and help soothe your muscles and nerves.
  8. Meditation also helps relieve nerve pain. It makes you calmer by relaxing your muscles and reducing stress.