Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain


By Dr. Nancy Kashyap , Dietitian/Nutritionist

If you have been that extremely skinny guy in your high school days, never getting picked for the soccer team, then it is time to fix that stubborn weight issue. Fret not, it’s fairly easy, all you have to do is make changes in your diet. Your diet is the primary component that can help gain weight.

These are the tips you can follow and as such design your diet plan accordingly –

  1. Increase your appetite by eating more to gain weight. But do it step-by-step and not by stuffing yourself too much at one go. Add one extra chapatti or more rice than you normally consume, or you even start with fruits by eating an extra one every day. These 10 simple steps can also help you gain weight the right way.
  2. Carbs are needed to gain weight but include healthier options like banana, potato, mango, whole grains, rice, etc. instead of sugar-rich foods, chocolates, and other junk foods.
  3. In order to increase your muscle mass, it is essential to do weight training 4-5 times a week for an hour. You can vary the intensity depending on your capacity. Some of these exercises will help you gain muscle mass.
  4. Consume protein-rich foods after you workout to increase muscle mass and eat good fats like nuts and seeds in your diet. Eating a handful of pumpkin or flaxseeds is a good way to give your body the fat intake it needs. Though junk foods like vada pav or burgers are loaded with calories, they only increase body fat and not muscle mass which is not the right way to go about.

Sample Meal Plan-

To give yourself more opportunities to get the calories you need to gain weight, aim to eat three meals and two to three snacks a day. For breakfast, enjoy a generous serving of rice and beans drizzled with vegetable oil and a cup of tea with a splash of whole milk. In the mid-morning, make yourself a cup of falooda with whole milk, ice cream, psyllium, tapioca pearls and fresh strawberries. A bowl of curry garnished with peanuts, served alongside a slice of naan and a cup of tea made with milk. makes a good high-calorie lunch. Tandoori chicken with potatoes and cauliflower serves up well for dinner. And end the day with a treat such as dates and figs stirred into full-fat yogurt. You can also consult a specialized dietician for your meal plan.