Non-surgical weight loss – Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Endermology

Non-surgical weight loss – Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Endermology


By Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt , Cosmetic Physician

While exercise and dieting help in weight loss, there are certain procedures which can help contour your body and aid in the process of fat loss, thus making your job easier. Liposuction is one of the most preferred ways of losing fat but it is an invasive procedure. However, there are multiple non-invasive sliming treatment you can achieve fat loss which will also help contour your body and are specifically advised for juvenile obesity. Let’s look at a couple of them.

1. Ultrasonic Lipolysis-

How to reduce belly fat? How to loose weight from hips and thighs ? How to reduce abdominal fat ?

These are the main stress factors in obesity. Ultrasonic lipolysis is the answer for the same and is one of the best weight loss treatments that works.

This method of fat reduction uses ultrasound to reduce fat. Often known as cold liposuction or cryo-lipolysis, a special instrument is placed against the skin of the affected areas. This device, known as a transducer, emits high energy and high intensity ultrasound waves into the fat cells below the skin. Once the fat cells are excited, they become mobile. This helps the body to easily drain the fluid by the way of metabolic processes.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Lipolysis:

1. It melts away fat quickly

2. It is a non-invasive procedure

3. Effects can be seen very quickly

4. The transducer can also destroy new fat cells and thus stop new fat from accumulating

5. It is a very safe procedure

2. Endermology-

Another similar treatment, which is a non-surgical method for weight loss is endermology. This is a unique and special type of massage performed with modern instruments which can easily melt away the fat in localized areas of the body like hips, thighs and abdomen. The primary device used for this is a specialized vacuum suction which holds the skin in place and then special kneaded rollers are used to loosen up the fat. This has become a very popular procedure among patients. You may need a few sessions per week for the first month and after the desired shape is achieved, continue for a single session per month to maintain the results.