By Dr. Amit Joshi, Sexology

Frigidity is broadly used to refer to a low libido (sex drive) in women. This term is often used incorrectly to describe a woman who is emotionally cold or does not respond to her partner’s sexual advances.

A lack of sexual desire can be psychologically embedded in a person’s subconscious and linked to greater issues that should be addressed or discussed. In some cases women may experience low libido and refuse or avoid sexual intimacy or they may endure it without being able to reach orgasm, finding little pleasure in the act.

In other cases, women may have difficulty being aroused or sex may even cause considerable pain or discomfort. But whether the root cause is emotional or physical, frigidity can result in conflict and strain in even the most secure relationships.

Female frigidity may be caused by any unpleasant sexual experiences, childhood sexual harassment, unsolved emotional disturbance with her partner etc.

Types -

Female frigidity is normally classified into three types:

  1. Primary frigidity is caused by unwanted fear or phobias. The female control or hide her feelings to protect herself. This might be due to false perception about sex or fear due to some religious taboos.
  2. Secondary frigidity is caused by psychological disturbances with her partner. Any emotional disturbance with her partner is the major cause. Breaking the silence or proper communication about the emotional problems is the best way of treatment for secondary frigidity
  3. Marital frigidity is cause by inexperienced sexual partner. Here the female might have the actual normal sexual arousal but the improper handling by the inexperienced sexual partner may give bitter experience of sex and might end up with development of frigidness.

Ways to improve sexual desire for females at home:

  1. Food items like ginger, pumpkin seeds, chocolates, sprouts and egg can increase the sexual desire for females.
  2. Start to move on with her only after good understanding. It is much important for the male partner to understand about his partner’s mind and thoughts. This would really help him to understand about her much on the bed and satisfy her to the fullest.
  3. Explain your male partner about how your level of tolerance. It is no way wrong to tell him that whether is pressing is pleasurable or painful. Unless you explain him about your pain or tolerance level he is never going to understand it.
  4. Love and respect your wife. Consider her views before taking your decisions.
  5. Never talk negative about her behind her back. Compliment her and make he feel your love often.
  6. Proper counselling and psychotherapy helps to solve the emotional issues and unwanted fear towards sex.

Cure frigidity in women by pharmaceutical methods-

Many medicines are being introduced to the market for the treatment of female frigidity. Unfortunately these medicines are a step behind herbal products in treating female libido.

  1. Vi-ag-ra: With the success of Vi-ag-ra in men, many similar products released to market for treating female frigidity. These medicines act by increasing blood circulation to genitals. These have shown little success.
  2. Testosterone therapy: Testosterone is a male sex hormone when introduced to females who have undergone hysterectomy has shown positive results, but increased use of testosterone cause facial hair and change in voice.
  3. Estrogen therapy: Estrogen is the hormone which improves the libido and also increases the vaginal lubrication.

Treatment to frigidity in women is multi-faceted involving psychological counseling, sex education and herbal or pharmaceutical therapies. Whether it is home remedy or pharmaceutical therapy, to make it effective the person should be willing to have sex with partner and should realize the importance of sexual health.

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.