Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery

By Dr Arpana JainGynaecology

What is Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is commonly called as a medical process that uses a tiny camera and a fiber optic light. This tool is passed into the patient’s body either through mouth or anus. This helps to see the organs and their parts inside the patient’s body. This camera will project the picture on a large screen. This helps the doctor to view the parts inside the stomach clearly.

Endoscopy also helps the doctor in taking biopsies for testing the same in future and also for while performing particular surgery procedures. Endoscopy has revolutionized the way the surgeons performs and made their way simple and best.

These endoscopic surgeries could be performed in different ways. The instruments required for those include forceps and scissors. This could be brought into the viewing area with the help of the incision. The surgeon carries a cutting tool during the surgery. This cutting tool helps in cutting the ligament that leads to the release pressure on nerve that causes constricted movement as well as pain.

Types of Surgery-

Many types of surgery use endoscopy. Some of those are facelifts, breast enhancement  and tummy tucks. Some other types of surgeries are brain tumor removal, spinal fluid in brain, sinus, neurological surgery and intracranial cysts. Few other different surgeries use this instrument. They are laparoscopic surgery that undergoes procedures in stomach, colonoscopy and pelvic region.

This endoscopic surgery at times may cause some risks. This is similar to any type of surgery. It has the possibility of causing infection and adverse reaction to common anesthesia. This may lead to slight nerve risk, tendon or blood vessel damage. But the advantage in this type of surgery is high when compared to that of the risks.


Some of the advantages of endoscopic surgery are it prevents complex and longer operations. Thus, it creates less pain makes you recover soon from the surgery. Few endoscopic procedures like sinus surgery and carpal tunnel where the patients need not get admitted.