Treating Wounds with Ayurveda

Treating Wounds with Ayurveda


By Dr. Robin Anand, Ayurveda

Slight cuts, or knee scrapes are sort of common, unavoidable accidents that can happen to anyone.

Here are some easy Ayurvedic remedies for wounds:

  1. No matter what type of wound, neem oil has been found to be very beneficial when applied on it.
  2. You can make an ointment at home by roasting neem leaves and sesame seeds together in castor oil. After roasting the ingredients, you can grind them into a paste with a little camphor and turmeric. The application of this ointment can heal wounds faster.
  3. Honey is extremely helpful, and you can apply it to wounds to effectively heal them.
  4. Boiled, and cooled, carrot pulp can be applied on wounds to boost healing.
  5. Basil leaves (tulsi) can be used in multiple ways to treat wounds. You can either grind it into a paste and apply it directly, or boil the leaves in hot water and wash the wound with the liquid. It also prevents infection and kills germs.
  6. Grind some mint (pudina) leaves and put them in a bag to make a poultice. Place this poultice over wounds to treat them. Mint leaves, too, effectively destroy germs and prevent infections.
  7. To treat wounds, kill germs and inhibit infections, turmeric works wonders. Just use it as a paste over your wound, and for added benefits, you can also drink milk mixed with turmeric.
  8. Sandalwood paste, papaya and banana juice are some of the helpful Ayurvedic remedies for wounds.

Besides external and topical remedies, you can also consume carrots, grapes, garlic and oranges for faster treatment of wounds. Remember not to consume the fruits in the form of juices, rather, have the whole fruit to enjoy the maximum benefits. For more infor, consult an Ayurveda Specialist