Misconceptions and Facts About Premature Ejaculation

Misconceptions and Facts About Premature Ejaculation


By Dr Amit Joshi, Sexology

Premature Ejaculation affects a large number of men across varied age groups. The condition which is characterized by decreasing or no ejaculatory control within a minute or less of vaginal penetration can have far reaching psychological consequences and can scar a man’s sexual confidence.

Certain misconceptions about this health condition can be laid down as under:-

  • PE Is a Sign of Immaturity or Selfishness: A male showing signs of premature ejaculation is often considered as either immature or selfish by his female counterpart. This assumption takes place because the person has no or rather very little control over his ejaculation which further leads the woman into thinking that the man takes no interest in her pleasure; his only objective is to find pleasure for himself.
  • Premature Ejaculation Isn’t Common: There is a popular belief that Premature Ejaculation is a rare phenomenon because a restrictive and regressive society forbids most men from coming up with their sexual problems. However, premature ejaculation is a prevalent disorder that plagues many.
  • Premature Ejaculation Is a Chronic Condition: According to the clinical definition of premature ejaculation, there are two types of PE – lifelong and acquired. Lifelong PE is clearly chronic. Acquired PE is chronic, but in a lesser sense. Doctors usually won’t recommend treatment unless you have had ongoing PE for at least three months. But that’s not really much time in a man’s life. And most occurrences of PE symptoms last much less time.
  • PE Won’t Go Away Without Medical Treatment: Medical assistance is often considered inevitable for such a condition. That is not true altogether. Premature ejaculation can be of two types; one could be a temporary occurrence whereas the other could be life-long. If it is temporary, the problem in all probability will remedy itself in due time. Also, medical intervention is necessary if only the condition poses serious threats to your otherwise smooth life.

The Facts-

  • Believing that premature ejaculation is always related to sexual intercourse is a wrong approach to the condition. Males could even face it while masturbating.
  • If premature ejaculation is left unattended for a long time it could trigger a host of biological problems. It could result in nerve damage, imbalances in the thyroid gland, inflammations in the urethra or in the prostate and an abnormal rise in a person’s testosterone levels.
  • This form of sexual disorder has a tendency to push the person into a perpetual stage of depression. Patients tend to suffer from anxiety and stress on discovering this kind of a health issue.
  • Treatments for long-term instances of premature ejaculation are usually behavioral in nature. The patient might be asked to masturbate before having sex. In some cases, oral medications are also given.