Premature Ejaculation – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Premature Ejaculation – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


By Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta , Sexology

Uncontrolled and involuntary ejaculation that occurs either before or after sexual intercourse is known as premature ejaculation. Medically, the most persistent form of PE (primary or lifelong PE) is defined by the presence of the following three problems:

  • Ejaculation always, or nearly always, happening before sexual penetration has been achieved, or within about a minute of penetration
  • The man finding an inability to delay his ejaculation every time, or nearly every time, he does achieve penetration
  • Negative personal consequences, such as distress and frustration, or avoidance of sexual intimacy

PE can cause a lot of embarrassment in boys and men, with a significant degree of stigma often attached to male sexual performance. It can be very distressing and frustrating for the individual as it can hamper his sex life drastically. However, unless it occurs regularly, it cannot be regarded as a cause of concern.


Below we will discuss some of the potential causes of PE:

Psychological factors-

Most cases of PE are not related to any disease and are instead due to psychological factors, including:

  • Sexual inexperience
  • Novelty of a relationship
  • Overexcitement or too much stimulation
  • Relationship stress
  • Anxiety
  • Guilty feelings
  • Depression
  • Issues related to control and intimacy

Medical causes of premature ejaculation-

The following are also possible medical causes of PE (doctors will focus on diagnosis and management of the underlying condition first and monitor for improvement in sexual function):

  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Prostate disease
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Thyroid problems
  • Illicit drug use
  • Excessive alcohol consumption


The ejaculation of semen occurs just after penetration, within a very short period of time, or even before penetration happens during a sexual intercourse. Due to this reason, both the partners might feel that they have had unsatisfactory sex. It is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction in males.


Problems with premature ejaculation usually heal with time and most of the times, treatment may not be needed. However, some treatments include:

  1. Methods of distraction or relaxation techniques aid in delaying ejaculation.
  2. In some cases, reducing or quitting tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs might improve control over ejaculation.
  3. Reducing sensation by using a condom is also advised.
  4. Anxiety related to premature ejaculation could be reduced using counselling or behavioural therapy.
  5. Usage of antidepressant medicines such as Dapoxetine and Clomipramine, which have a side effect called inhibited orgasm or delayed ejaculation, helps in remedying the problem.