Homeopathic Way To Boost Appetite in Children

Homeopathic Way To Boost Appetite in Children


By Dr. Yatri H. Thacker, Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an alternative method of cure with a belief that the substance, which can produce a symptom, can cure it as well. The treatment works impressively well in treating childhood diseases. The following will give you a clear picture of how it works to increase appetite in children-

  • It helps infants who vomit immediately after being breastfed.
  • General health issues like cough and cold cause decreased appetite in them. Here, treat the child empathetically to get hold of the root cause of his problem and apply the homeopathic treatment accordingly.

Lack of appetite in the child may result from dysfunctions of the liver. Pay attention to this issue accordingly-

  • Medicines in homeopathy can relieve one from swelling of the liver and thus boost the appetite; also stimulates the functions of the liver.
  • Can serve to be a remedy for jaundice of liver.
  • Lack of appetite might result from constipation. Homeopathy serves to cure it effectively.
  • It cures diarrhea and vomiting which are the results of weakness in liver.
  • Can cure the problems of digestion in children and thus improve his appetite.
  • Decreases pain in the liver which results from jaundice (of liver).
  • Cures problems of acidity along with headache and intense pain in the stomach.
  • Clears congestion by removing extra fats in the body and thus increase digestion and appetite.
  • Improves the physical growth and development in children facing deficits by fulfilling the need for lactation from mothers.
  • Few medicines neutralize the possible toxins and poisonous substances from the ingested food and water.
  • Useful bacteria in few homeopathic medicines establishes a balance between the child’s and the adult’s appetite (relevant mainly because an adult’s appetite almost equals that of a child approximately after 12 months.)
  • Zinc in homeopathic medicines regulates proper bowel movements in children.
  • Reduces illnesses, fever and vomiting which causes children to eat lesser than usual.
  • Facilitates a child to have a balanced diet by providing balanced amounts of amino acids. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath and ask a free question.