How To Deal With Generation Gap?

How To Deal With Generation Gap?


By Dr. Hemamalini Lakshminarasimhan, Psychology

What is a Generation Gap?

Generation gap can be defined as a difference in opinion amongst people coming from different generations regarding social or political beliefs. This difference in opinions can lead to misunderstanding between the people concerned. The rift that is created as a result of the same is a generation gap.

Generation gap can be defined by several parameters. Some of them are-

  1. Use of Language: The way a person uses the language differs and changes over the years. Usage of colloquial language seems to increase over the years and the older generations may be unfamiliar to the same. These colloquial terms are often used to enhance cohesiveness in a particular social group.
  2. Workplace Attitude: It is a common belief amongst the older generation that the new generation is “lazy, inept, or disloyal”. Whereas, the younger generation holds the belief that the older generation is slow and not particularly efficient and they do not have a great understanding of the current social scenario.
  3. Technology: There is no stop to advancement in the technological field. And nonetheless, it becomes difficult to cope with it as the years go by. While the younger generation can master it in a small time, the older generation may take longer to get used to it.

How To Deal With It?

  1. Communication: It is imperative to communicate and put your opinions across to each other without any hesitation or fear of rejection. This is the biggest step in closing the gap. Also, both the parties must keep an open mind and accept their ideas and try to not be too judgemental.
  2. Respect for each other’s opinions: It is okay to disagree with another person’s opinions but one must not totally shun it. It is alright to voice your opinion, even if it contradicts the other person’s opinion. But it is not acceptable to discard the belief of others.
  3. Spending quality time: Familiarize yourself with each other’s activities. Go out on a trip keeping an objective in mind i.e. to connect. Do your favourite things together. Watch movies of your choice. And whatever you do, do it together with your mind free of any expectations. Maybe they will start liking it themselves and give them an overview of your choices. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychologist.