All About Lower Back Pain

All About Lower Back Pain


By Dr. Sidharth Verma, Pain Management

The lower back part (or lumbar area) plays the role of structural support, protecting certain tissues in your body as well as helping in the overall movement. Lower back pain can affect both men and women which can range from constant dull ache to a sharp sensation which can make you incapable to move or do something. Most cases of lower back pain are acute (short term) and would last for few days to a week. Little bit of self care and proper rest can resolve lower back pain on its own.

The symptoms of lower back pain are the combination of the following:

  1. Lower back pain can make it difficult for you to walk or stand.
  2. Pain can spread till your groin area or upper thighs but rarely below your knee.
  3. Severe muscle spasms.

Causes of Lower Back Pain:

  1. Most common cause of lower back pain is due to strain and sprains. Strains are caused due to overstretching of ligaments and can result in back pain. Sprains are caused due to tears in your muscle or tendons. This type of lower back pain occurs if you lift a heavy object either improperly or all of a sudden.
  2. Traumatic injury like accident or a fall can injure your ligaments, tendons or muscle. Injuries while or after playing sports can also cause lower back pain.
  3. Skeletal irregularities in your body which includes scoliosis (abnormal lateral curvature of the spine) can cause pain when you grow older.

Diagnosis of lower back pain can be done by physical exams along with emphasis on your medical history. X-ray, Computerized Tomography (CT scan), Ultrasound Imaging and Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) are the imaging tests for diagnosis of lower back pain which would require you to visit a nearby healthcare center. Surgery may be required if diagnostic tests indicate severe damage to the nerves.

A pain management specialist can help by performing minimally invasive procedures on your back and save you from open surgery in selected cases.