Penile Problem & Solutions For Sex

Penile Problem & Solutions For Sex


By Dr Jolly Arora , Sexology

Penile problems refer to the concerns about the male reproductive organ, the penis. Considering the sensitivity of the organ, special attention is given to these problems, especially in situations wherein the patient is unable to completely voice out their concerns. Penile problems may affect the sex life of an individual and eventually lead to psychological issues in the longer run.

Types of Penile Problems:

  1. Phimosis: This is the condition in which the foreskin would not go back to the extent to let the head of the organ come through. This causes immense discomfort during sex and an unpleasant odour. In this case, circumcision and home therapy are usually advised after consulting the doctor.
  2. Fordyce Spots: They are rather common in which there are white spots on the testes and the penis. These are usually harmless and can only affect sex life if the individual pays much heed to them.
  3. Priapism: It is a rather painful erection that lasts for above four hours. Immediate medical attention must be given to this.
  4. Penile Cancer: This is an extremely rare form of cancer that begins in the skin cells of the penis. Although rare, it can be treated with proper medical remedies.
  5. Peyronie’s Disease: This a condition in which a hard lump forms in the penis and causes it to bend or curve. This leads to pain and discomfort.


Penile problems may lead to discomfort or pain during sex and the advice of a medical practitioner must be immediately sought before coming to any conclusion or beginning any form of treatment. Most penile problems lead to stress and anxiety and eventually a lower self-esteem, which disrupts the sex life. They are easily curable with regular visits to the concerned doctor and with proper medical treatment being administered; the individual can enjoy a healthy sex life.

Some forms of medical treatment include:

  • HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine to prevent warts.
  • Penile injection therapy to address erectile dysfunction.
  • Medicinal pills such as pentoxifylline or potassium para-aminobenzoate, shots of collagenase (enzymes which break collagen peptide bonds) or verapamil.
  • Surgery should be considered as a last resort.

Certain practices should be adopted to prevent penile problems. Some of these practices include responsible sex, performing physical activities, taking care of your mental health and practising good hygiene habits.